About Our Team

Energy Control Technologies is a value added partner for the entire HVAC/BAS Industry. EnergyControl.com sells a variety of product solutions for controlling heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. In addition to the HVAC market, we are a leading supplier of building automation, energy and environmental sensors and control peripherals for energy management applications.

We provide products and services to the smallest of maintenance departments all the way to some of the largest facilities and multi-site management groups in the world. Our team focuses on what is best for the customer first, nothing else matters. We work to provide the fastest lead times at competitive prices all the while providing world class service and product information to all parties involved.


EnergyControl.com's trusted valve take-off service team is experienced and will work with design engineers, control contractors and mechanical contractors to determine what products best fit their application.

Energy Control offers reliable industry leading products from over 50+ manufacturers. When you shop at EnergyControl.com, you are gaining a partner. We strive to work hard for every single customer and treat them like family so they keep coming back.