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ABB A16-40-00-80 : Lighting Contactors ABB A16-40-00-80

4-Pole Contactor, Number of Main Contacts Normally Open: 4 , 30A (600V), Rated Control Circuit Voltage: 240V AC, 60Hz Coil

Our Price: $56.00
AEG LS7K-4-C : Lighting Contactors AEG LS7K-4-C

4-Pole Lighting Contactor, Normally Open, 32A (600V), 220VAC Coil

Our Price: $79.00
AEG LS7K-04-C : Lighting Contactors AEG LS7K-04-C

4-Pole Lighting Contactor, Normally Closed, 32A (600V), 220VAC Coil

Our Price: $85.00
AEG LS30K-CO : Lighting Contactor AEG LS30K-CO

AEG LS30K-CO : Lighting Contactor

Our Price: $217.00